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Stack of Books

Welcome to Northwind Seminary Press, your partner in publishing high-quality books on themes of spiritual importance. Our team of professionals includes faculty, students, pastors, and organizational leaders who creatively explore these themes and share our mission to equip the Church for a new Reformation.


  • Faculty Publications  

  • The Press publishes Northwind faculty books of substance and significance as determined
    by an editorial board and peer-review process:

  •  ​Faculty Series features the distinctive works of Northwind Faculty

Student Publications

  • Student Publications

  • The Press publishes the Degree Papers of its graduates following a faculty mentor review

  •  ​Capstone Series:

  •  Master in Specialized 
    Ministry Degree Capstone Papers


  •  Treatise Series :

  • Doctor in Specialized Ministry Degree Treatise Papers


  •  Dissertation Series:

  • Doctor in Theology & Ministry Degree Dissertations

Academic Publications

  • Academic Publications

  • The Press publishes Academic Books from outside scholars related to one of the Northwind Seminary degree program concentrations, following a peer-review process:

  •  ​Academic Series features books on Theology, Spirituality, and Ministry

  •  Professional Series features works of the authors supporting creative
    ministry in a postmodern era for the Nextchurch of a new Reformation.

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